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JAKARTA - Digital infrastructure connectivity company PT Solusi Sinergi Digital Tbk. (WIFI) or Surge, through its subsidiary PT Integrasi Jaringan Ekosistem (Weave), will soon complete the initial finalization of the deployment of fiber optic networks on the Jakarta - Cikarang and Jakarta - Bandung sections. The deployment along 127.4 km is targeted to be completed by the end of September 2021.

The Company has also planned to commercialize the infrastructure built especially for business partners and direct consumers through various initiatives. In order to provide reliable network connectivity, Surge's fiber optic spread throughout Java will focus on security aspects, both in terms of physical deployment and operations, as well as security in terms of technology.

CEO of Surge, Hermansjah Haryono explained, "Although there are adjustments to project work with strict health protocols in various locations on Java Island where we operate, we are optimistic that we can accelerate the plan to complete the entire 2800 km network until the end of 2021."

To deliver high-quality high-capacity connectivity (144 fiber optics), Surge is also in the exploration phase with several world-class leading technology partners in the deployment of this fiber optic and its derivative solutions. The fiber cables that are built will be connected to Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (“DWDM”) switching devices and Data Centers to facilitate internet interconnection and distribution of data load in the network, be it direct, Point-to-Point to Point-to-Multipoint connectivity for all cities in Java Island. In addition, this fiber optic technology will have advantages in terms of data traffic that can be delivered to consumers, security aspects, and has the potential to support 5G connectivity which will start operating in Indonesia in the near future. (LM)