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JAKARTA – PT Repower Asia Indonesia Tbk (REAL) would develop a 12-level Islamic boarding school building for Daarul Quran Indonesia (DAQU) worth IDR 100 billion. In addition, REAL would also build housing areas for the directors, teachers, and school officers of DAQU across Indonesia.

Rully Muliarto, Director of Repower Asia Indonesia, claims that the location of the said building is in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. The project would have a green-building concept. “The potential income flowing from this project approximately amounts to IDR 150 to 200 billion,” he projects in the information disclosure earlier today (23/8).

Meanwhile, the housing project for Daarul Quran’s directors, teachers, and officers would take form in a low-rise apartment and landing houses worth IDR 300 to 350 million per unit. The estimated income from this project reaches IDR 525 billion.

It is further mentioned that this residential area project would cover the needs of 1,500 employees of DAQU across Indonesia. “The cooperation arrangement between the company and DAQU had been signed last year (18/8),” Muliarto confirms. (LK/ZH)