UNIC - PT. Unggul Indah Cahaya Tbk

Rp 8.125

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JAKARTA. PT Unggul Indah Cahaya Tbk (UNIC) had granted a credit facility with the upper limit of USD 3.4 million or IDR 48.48 billion to PT Petrocentral. Petrocentral is UNIC’s subsidiary which is in need of fresh funds to pay off bank debts.

The management of UNIC reveals that the agreed interest rate for the facility is 4.50% per year. The said credit would mature on June 21, 2022, extendable to one year.

In the information disclosure in Indonesia Stock Exchange today (31/8), the management also claims that Petrocentral would utilise the credit facility to pay off its debts to Bank DBS. The amount of debt reaches USD 3.8 million or IDR 55 billion.

Besides the credit facility from UNIC, Petrocentral also secures loans from other shareholders. The amount of the facilities provided would equal their portion of shares in Petrocentral.

Based on idnfinancials.com data, until December 2020, UNIC still controls 61.72% of Petrocentral. Then, PT Fosfindo owns 12.74% of shares, followed by PT Petrokimia Gresik with 9.80%,  PT Salim Chemicals Corpora 6.37%, PT Sinarindo Gerbangmas 6.37%, and PT Kodel 3%. (KR/ZH)