YPAS - PT. Yanaprima Hastapersada Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Yanaprima Hastapersada Tbk (YPAS), a cement bag manufacturer, transfers its credits worth IDR 77 billion from PT Indonesia Eximbank to PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA). The said amount is equivalent to 58.6% of its equity reported in December 2020 of IDR 133.08 billion.

Rinawati, Financial Director of Yanaprima Hastapersada, admits that the reason behind this credit reassignment to BCA lies in its lower interest rate and faster facility disbursement. “The credit transfer (refinancing) of the company from Eximbank to BCA took place yesterday (7/9),” she confirms, quoted from the information disclosure today (10/9).

The financial report in June 2021 reveals that YPAS owes Eximbank a credit worth IDR 61 billion, dropping from IDR 75 billion reported in December 2020. The said credit is working capital credit obtained in 2012, capped at IDR 90 billion. On May 30, 2013, the credit facility increased to IDR 150 billion, aiming to improve working capital for plastic and cement bag manufacture and issue a usance LC.

The guarantees for the credit from Eximbank include accounts receivables of IDR 95 billion, inventory of IDR 95 billion, a factory building of IDR 189 billion, and personal guarantees from commissioners of YPAS, Alexander Tanzil and Santoso Wijaya. (LK/ZH)