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JAKARTA – PT Repower Asia Indonesia Tbk (REAL), a property developer, would convert several of its buildings in Jakarta and nearby areas to support its data centre business expansion plan.

Aulia Firdaus, President Director of Repower Asia Indonesia, announces that data centre growth in Indonesia is projected to reach 23.5% in the next five years. Moreover, the estimated future market size would be approximately USD 618.6 million. “We are currently exploring strategic partners in Cikarang and Tangerang regarding this data centre business plan,” Firdaus reveals in a press release, quoted Wednesday (15/9).

According to Firdaus, the data centre business would secure revenue growth in the future. After all, based on a study, this business is said to rapidly proliferate as the millennials and new middle-class triumph.

As of June 2021, REAL gains revenue from house sales of IDR 8.80 billion, increasing from IDR 5.71 billion reported in H1 2020. Its profit also skyrockets from IDR 8.5 million to IDR 632.97 million. (LK/ZH)