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JAKARTA – PT Mahaka Radio Integra Tbk (MARI) aims to acquire 1 million downloads for Noice, an Indonesian digital audio platform, within this year. The downloaders currently reach 830,000 users.

Adrian Syarkawie, President Director of Mahaka Radio Integra, claims that his company had organized a contract with Telkomsel to gain more Noice users. “Every Telkomsel user would not be charged with any quota while using Noice,” he explains through a public expose, quoted Thursday (16/9).

According to Syarkawie, the company plans to expand the business of this audio platform yet stay on track with the audio content segment. At this point, the company has a market of 14 million listeners of entire radio stations under Mahaka Group. “In the future, we would focus on Radio Store regarding merchandise sales. It is possible to see MARI exploring the visual segment, albeit not very far from radio, including music,” he expresses his vision. (LK/ZH)