TRIN - PT. Perintis Triniti Properti Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Perintis Triniti Properti Tbk (TRIN) realises 48.66% of its marketing sales target, equal to IDR 312.8 billion of IDR 642.74 billion set for this year. President Director of Perintis Triniti Properti, Ishak Candra, announces this achievement through the public expose, quoted Friday (17/9).

By the end of this year, the revenue is projected to reach IDR 14.9 billion. “This number is a temporary prediction, as according to the Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards (IFAS), the company could not write down the revenue from the sales before the units are handed over to the customers,” Candra explains in detail.

According to Candra, the prospect of the property industry would recover in Q3 2021 as the COVID-19 cases and spread decline, and the Community Activities Restriction Enforcement (PPKM) is relaxed.

“We would develop landed houses project due to the trend of post-sub-urbanisation, in which people would opt for living far away from the downtown area,” Candra further reveals.

Moreover, the collaboration of the development of Palm Hill Golf Club (PHGC) with PT Sentul Golf Utama is currently entering the master plan finalisation stage. PHGC is located in Babakan Madang and Hambalang, Bogor, West Java. (LK/ZH)