JAKARTA - The results of the Banking Financing Demand and Supply Survey indicate that new credit channeling in August 2021 increased compared to the previous month. This is mainly driven by the use of mortgages and other consumption loans, while working capital loans (KMK) and investment loans are predicted to slow down.

Based on the bank group, new loan disbursement growth in August 2021 is predicted to occur in commercial banks and Regional Development Banks (BPD), while lending to Islamic Commercial Banks (BUS) slows down. For the entire third quarter of 2021, new lending is also predicted to grow, although not as high as the growth in the previous quarter.

The survey results show that the need for corporate financing in August 2021 will continue to grow, although it is slower than the previous month. This is reflected in the Weighted Net Balance1 (WNB) of 0.9%, lower than 1.8% in July 2021. A number of sectors such as the Mining, Manufacturing, and Healthcare sectors are indicated to have financing needs that are not as high as the previous month, mainly influenced by the decline in operational activities.

"On the other hand, there are a number of sectors that are indicated to have increasing financing needs, namely the Real Estate, Corporate Services and Information and Communication sectors, especially to support operational activities, pay obligations that are due and investment activities," explained Erwin Haryono, Head of the Communications Department. Bank Indonesia.

The survey results also indicate that additional requests for financing by households in August 2021 have been observed to increase. Commercial banks are still the main source of preference for additional financing for household respondents, with the majority of the types of financing proposed in the form of Multi-Use Loans and Motor Vehicle Loans. (LM)