TRJA - PT. Transkon Jaya Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Transkon Jaya Tbk (TRJA), a vehicle rental company, received a relaxation of its interest rate from two of its creditors, PT Arthaasia Finance and Dipo Star Finance. The minimised credit interest rate would surely save its costs of funds.

Alexander Syauta, Corporate Secretary of Transkon Jaya, claimed that the interest rate relief from Arthaasia would lower the rate from 12% to 8% per year, while Dipo Star would cut the interest rate from 9% to 8.5% per year (effective rate). “The interest rate becomes one of the determining factors for instalment rate, subsequently affecting vehicle rental prices,” he explained in a press release, quoted today (29/9).

According to Syauta, the creditors decided to relieve the credit after seeing TRJA’s prospects of gaining more profit in the future. Indeed, by far, TRJA had been proved to secure the trust from creditors. “The company would improve its reputation to enhance investors and creditors’ trust to invest and channel credits to us,” he further proclaimed.

As of June 2021, TRJA recorded third-party debts to several creditors. They include DIpo Star Finance of IDR 13.32 billion, PT Akseleran Keuangan Inklusif Indonesia IDR 13.87 billion, and Francis Charles Manson IDR 2.17 miliar. (LK/ZH)