PKPK - PT. Perdana Karya Perkasa Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Perdana Karya Perkasa Tbk (PKPK) would arrange a mandatory tender offer (MTO) after PT Deli Pratama Batubara acquired 49.56% of its shares from two previous shareholders. The execution price is set to IDR 72 per share, referring to the stock price within the last 90 days of trading before September 27, 2021.

Untung Haryono, Corporate Secretary of Perdana Karya Perkasa, claimed that his company had notified the Financial Services Authority (OJK) regarding the MTO plan yesterday (28/9). “The details of the MTO would be revealed in the MTO information after securing an effective statement from OJK,” Haryono added in the information disclosure published earlier today (29/8).

DPB took over 49.56% of PKPK’s shares from Soerjadi Soedarsono, who initially owned 35.95%, and Fanny Listiawati. She had 13.61% of PKPK’s total issued and paid-up capital of 600 million shares. DPB is controlled by PT Deli Pratama Nusantara with 99.99% ownership and PT Sinar Deli with 0.01% of the entire issued and paid-up capital of IDR 1 billion.

Furthermore, 99.9% of Sinar Deli belongs to PT Deli Indonesia Raya. Its shareholder structure consists of Juhadi with 20%, Arifin Tan 25%, Ratih Angraini 15%, Djunaidi Hardi 15%, Arifin 15%, and Lai Hong 10%. (LK/ZH)