JAKARTA – Indonesian Competition Committee (lit. Komisi Pengawasan Persaingan Usaha/KPPU) is currently investigating the allegation of Agenpos acquisition by PT Pos Indonesia (Persero). It potentially violates Article 35 of Law No. 20/2008 regarding Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Deswin Nur, Head of Public Relations and Cooperation Bureau of KPPU Secretariate, claimed that KPPU had sent out three written warnings to Pos Indonesia. “In the third notification, KPPU called for a rearrangement of the partnership between Pos Indonesia and Agenpos,” he confirmed in a press release, quoted today (11/10).

The said order involves rearrangement of service fees in the cooperation agreement between Pos Indonesia and Agenpos managing entity, especially concerning the Physical Outlet of Courier Service of Agenpos. Every alteration made regarding the fees is required to be specified in the appendix of the said cooperation agreement. Then, Pos Indonesia was also asked to revoke the decision made by its directors about the service and guarantee fee of Agenpos. Furthermore, the final amount of the service fee should be discussed with and informed to other Pos Indonesia partners.

According to Nur, Pos Indonesia only responded to two of four written notifications sent out by KPPU. Therefore, KPPU would exert legal force by conducting a Committee Assembly Court on October 14, 2021. “If proven guilty, Pos Indonesia could be sanctioned with up to IDR 10 billion fine,” he added. (LK/ZH)