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JAKARTA – PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk (ZBRA) scored a significant escalation in its revenue to IDR 2.74 trillion in Q3 2021 from IDR 8.86 billion reported in the same period last year. This considerable level of gain was seen after a major stock transfer to PT Trinity Healthcare (TH).

Quoting the Financial Report Q3 2021 published earlier today (11/10), Rudijanto Tanoesoedibjo, President Director of Zebra Nusantara, claimed ZBRA’s gross profit to reach IDR 395.39 billion, proliferating from IDR 1.29 billion recorded in Q3 2020. Moreover, its current year comprehensive profit also multiplied to IDR 33.50 billion from IDR 97.61 million.

The most extensive contributor was the miscellaneous segment, bringing in IDR 2.72 trillion, unlike in Q3 2020, in which it failed to generate any value. Meanwhile, the main business line, which is the gas fuel supply, added over 100% growth of revenue from IDR 8.86 billion to IDR 18.37 billion.

Before the acquisition, ZBRA’s ultimate shareholder was PT Infinity Wahana, claiming 77.77% of 856,133,009 shares, followed by the public investors of 22.23%. However, currently, TH controls 70.81% of 2,510,706,263 shares. Then, Rudijanto Tanoesoedibjo owns 9.10%, followed by PT European Development with 4.21%, PT Jadegreen Equities 4.19%, PT Holistic Ventures 0.52%, and the public 11.17%. (LK/ZH)