JAKARTA – Bank Indonesia (BI) predicted business activities would be stable with a net weighted balance of 7.46% in Q4 2021. This projection was made based on BI Business Survey Q3 2021.

Muhamad Nur, Head of Communication Department Group of BI, stated that several business sectors might potentially recover following the relaxation of COVID-19-related mobility restriction policies. “The said sectors include manufacturing, trading, hotel and restaurant industries, as well as transportation and communication industries,” he further specified in the press release, quoted Thursday (14/10).

On the contrary, other sectors are projected to slow down, including agriculture, plantation, livestock, forestry, and fishery. These are mostly due to the historical pattern during the planting season. Additionally, the performances of mining and quarrying as well as the construction sector are also estimated to stagnate.

Furthermore, BI Business Survey mentioned that in Q3 2021, the business activities had been moderated with a net weighted balance of 7.58%, slowing down from 18.98% reported in Q2 2021 due to the community mobility restriction policies. The sectors showing depletions were mining and quarrying, trading, hotel and restaurant, and manufacturing industries. (LK/ZH)