JAKARTA – National import level jumped 40.31% to USD 139.21 billion by the end of Q3 2021 from the same period last year of USD 103.68 billion. However, compared to the level reported in August 2021, the import realisation in September depleted 2.67%, from USD 16.67 billion to USD 16.23 billion.

In the press release recently published (15/10), non-oil and gas import was reported to reach USD 121.98 billion in Q3 2021, 38.18% higher than the same period last year of USD 93.06 billion. Similarly, oil and gas imports reached USD 17.22 billion, proliferating 59.15% from USD 10.61 billion in Q3 2020. In comparison, non-oil and gas import was USD 14.36 billion in September alone, sliding off 1.80% from USD 14.62 billion in August 2021. Then, the oil and gas imports dropped to USD 1.68 billion, 8.90% lower than August 2021 of USD 2.04 billion.

Based on the goods category, the contributor of non-oil and gas import in Q3 2021 consisted of the machine and mechanical equipment segment, which increased by 30.59% year-on-year (yoy), and electronic devices, also increasing 3.60% yoy. Then, food waste import decreased by 4.40%, while various chemical products import climbs 17.79%, iron and steel goods 58.03%, sugar and confectioneries -31.34%, mineral fuels 231.29%, precious metals and jewelry 34.91%, oil-bearing seeds and fruits -34.13%, and fertiliser 44.24%. (LK/ZH)