IATA - PT. Indonesia Transport & Infrastructure Tbk

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JAKARTA – Literati Capital Investments Ltd (Literati) and Yaris International Ltd (Yaris) are now listed as shareholders of PT Indonesia Transport & Infrastructure Tbk (IATA), the Indonesia Air operator, following the private placement earlier this week (19/10). Corporate Secretary of IATA, Andi Tenri Dala Fajar, announced this news in the information disclosure quoted today (22/10).

IATA released 718,147,000 units of shares for IDR 50 each. Thus, it raised funds of up to IDR 35.90 billion in total. “The proceeds gained from this corporate action, after subtracting other costs related to the private placement, would be used to increase the working capital,” Fajar said.

This corporate action was approved during the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting on July 27, 2020.

As of August 2021, IATA’s total shares amounted to 10,697,665,114 units. PT Catur Pratama was said to own 8.76% of the shares, PT Global Transport 8.09%, Oxley Capital Investment Ltd 7.93%, and public investors 75.22%. (LK/ZH)