JAKARTA - The Ministry of Industry continues to seek the establishment of the Industrial Growth Center Area (WPPI). This effort is carried out so that an area that has potential in the development of the industrial sector can be optimized so as to stimulate the local economy.

In accordance with the mandate of Law Number 3 of 2014 concerning Industry, it is necessary to take synergy steps among relevant stakeholders to accelerate, spread and evenly distribute industrial development throughout Indonesia.

"Industrial development is not only carried out through a sectoral approach which is realized through strengthening industrial structures and being competitive, but also needs to be carried out through a spatial approach which is carried out through the development of industrial zoning," said Director General of Resilience, Territorial and International Industrial Access (KPAII) of the Ministry of Industry, Eko SA Cahyanto in Bangkalan, East Java, Wednesday (17/11).

Eko also said that East Java is one of the provinces that provides the largest contribution to the National GDP. It was recorded that in 2020, East Java Province contributed IDR 2,300 trillion or 15% of the National GDP. "The processing industry sector in East Java Province is the largest contributor to the GRDP structure of East Java Province, which is up to 30.69%," he said. (LM)