JAKARTA - After successfully conducting the first phase of a two-wheeled electric vehicle trial, Gojek, the leading on-demand platform in Southeast Asia, once again marked a new chapter in the adoption of electric vehicles in Indonesia.

Today, Gojek together with TBS Energi Utama through PT Karya Baru TBS (TBS), an integrated and leading energy company in Indonesia, signed a cooperation commitment to form a joint venture (JV), under the name Electrum.

This first strategic collaboration in building a two-wheeled electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia also supports the Government of Indonesia's plan to make the development of the electric vehicle industry a national priority.

Gojek CEO Kevin Aluwi said, “Today is a historic day for us with the formation of the first national tech joint venture company in the Indonesian electric vehicle sector. Bringing the spirit of mutual cooperation, the formation of this joint venture reflects our seriousness and concrete steps in building an electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia. We hope that this effort can create a better environment and contribute to climate change mitigation in Indonesia. Electric vehicles are the future of the transportation sector and we are ensuring that this can be achieved even faster through this collaboration.”

Through the joint venture, Gojek and TBS will develop business ventures in the manufacturing of two-wheeled electric vehicles, battery packaging technology, battery exchange infrastructure, and financing for electric vehicles. (LM)