BNBA - PT. Bank Bumi Arta Tbk

Rp 2.020

-25 (-1,24%)

JAKARTA. PT Bank Bumi Arta Tbk (BNBA) would potentially raise fresh funds of IDR 621.39 billion at most by issuing new shares without any preemptive rights, also known as a rights issue.

Wikan Aryono S, President Director of BNBA, claimed that the execution price for the rights issue had been set to IDR 1,345 per share. Its face value is originally worth IDR 100 each.

Some of BNBA’s shareholders have stated their commitment to take part in the new rights issued by BNBA, as Aryono explained in the information in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) earlier today (2/12). The shareholders in question are PT Surya Husada Investment (SHI), with 33.45% ownership, PT Takjub Finansial Teknologi (TFT) 24%, PT Dana Graha Agung (DGA) 20.07%, and PT Budiman Kencana Lestari BKL 13.38%.

“There is no transfer of preemptive rights of SHI, TFT, DGA, and BKL to other parties,” Aryono further confirmed.

As mentioned by previously, BNBA’s rights issue is intended to raise the minimum core capital to IDR 2 trillion. This capital rise is a form of obedience to the new banking regulations in Indonesia. (KR/ZH)