RMKE - PT. RMK Energy Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT RMK Energy Tbk (RMKE), a coal trading and logistic company, would establish a loading and unloading port service in Keramasan and Simpang Train Station, Palembang. President Director of RMK Energy, Tony Saputra, disclosed the plan in the press release quoted today (8/12).

It was mentioned that the company would increase the capacity of coal shipment to 25 million tons per year and train disassembly stations to over 17 tons per year. It would also build a coal-only loading station upstream of coal mines. “The company is optimistic about expanding its business to be a public company that implements a healthy and good corporate governance amidst the current pandemic condition,” Saputra added.

The fund sources for this plan would be taken out of the proceeds of IPO of 875 million shares, targeting to score IDR 180.25 billion in total. During its IPO last week (30/11-3/12), RMKE set the execution price for the IPO to IDR 206 per share.

Saputra also claimed that the company is currently managing the only private special terminal for coals in Indonesia integrated with a train track. “By using the company’s own logistic infrastructure, the management of mining in isolated regions would be more competitive, and its transport costs would be lower,” he explained. (LK/ZH)