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JAKARTA - PT Hasnur International Shipping, Tbk. (HAIS) submitted its interim consolidated financial statements as of September 30, 2021 and announced the achievement of financial performance for the nine month period ended September 30, 2021. This is the first interim financial report since the Company was listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on September 1, 2021.

During January to September 2021, the Company's fleet transported 5,434,729 metric tons (MT) of cargo. Through its subsidiaries, during this period the Company also served 7,574,156 MT of throughput.

As a result, the Company recorded a consolidated net revenue of IDR 296.5 billion and a net profit of IDR 29.8 billion. When compared to the achievement of the same period in 2020, the Company's revenue increased by 34% and net profit increased by 111%.

PT Hasnur Internasional Shipping Tbk (HAIS) is a company under the Hasnur Group which was established in 1966. Hasnur Group is currently engaged in forestry, mining, agribusiness, media, services and logistics business activities. (LM)