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JAKARTA. Car sales of PT Astra International Tbk (ASII) to car dealers throughout 2021 reportedly reached 489,209 units. It was 81.1% year-on-year (yoy) higher than the previous year’s sales of 270,076 units.

Boy Kelana Soebroto, Head Corporate Secretary of ASII, believed that this jump was triggered by the Indonesian government’s 100% incentive program that is given to luxury goods tax. “It is influenced by many factors, especially the 100% luxury goods tax incentive that was extended to the end of last year,” he told

In 2021, ASII’s car sales were dominated by Toyota car sales of 296,740 units, covering 59.6% of total sales. Then, Daihatsu followed with 164.908 units, equal to 33.7% of total sales. Next, Isuzu contributed 26,636 units or 5.4%, followed by UD Trucks of 660 units or 0.13% and Peugeot of 265 units.

Out of all cars sold by ASII in 2021, 114,034 units are low-cost green cars (LCGC). The sales of this particular type of car were reported to increase 56.7% yoy.

Meanwhile, ASII’s market share in 2021 arrived at 55%, climbing 4% from the previous position of 51% in 2020.

“We hope that the car market in 2022 will be more active as the economic activities recover and the people’s purchase power increases,” Soebroto stated his vision. (KR/ZH)