CNTX - PT. Century Textile Industry Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Century Textile Tbk (CNTX) reported an increase of 81.89% in sales to USD 23.06 million by the end of December 2021 compared to the same period in 2020 of USD 12.67 million. However, the said jump had yet to significantly repair the financial condition of the company as it still suffered from losses like last year.

In its unaudited Financial Report of 2021 published today (25/1), Toshiyuki Takahashi, President Director of CNTX, claims that the export proliferated from USD 3.85 million to USD 12.48 million, as the domestic sales did from USD 4.19 million to USD 10.56 million. In terms of customers, the third-party users’ contribution amounted to USD 18.67 million, almost doubling from last year’s gain of USD 9.68 million. Meanwhile, sales to the related parties generated USD 4.39 million from the initial USD 2.99 million.

In the end, CNTX still experiences operational losses of USD 3.83 million, slightly worsening from the operational losses in 2020 of USD 3.76 million. Furthermore, the loss reportedly reached USD 4.44 million, increasing from USD 4.06 million last year. (LK/ZH)