JAKARTA. Anggoro Eko Cahyo, President Director of Employment Social Security Agency (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan), revealed that the total Employee Provident Funds in 2021 amounted to IDR 372.5 trillion. Most of these funds were invested in securities, especially Government Securities (SUN).

According to Cahyo, these funds had been allocated to investments following the existing guideline and requirements. “Therefore, provident funds may develop well and will not be disrupted by any other claims,” he said in the official release yesterday (17/2).

Cahyo made sure that his company managed these funds with extra care and placed them on well-measured instruments so that they may proliferate optimally. In 2021, investments of these provident funds amounted to IDR 24 trillion. The premium reached IDR 51 trillion in total, with claim payments of IDR 37 trillion. “Most of the claims are covered by investments,” he claimed.

Out of the total provident funds of IDR 372.5 trillion, 65% of them were channelled to securities, 92% of which were placed in Government Securities (SUN). Then, another 15% were invested in deposits, 97% of which were stored in state and regionally-owned banks. The remaining 12.5% were directed to Blue Chips LQ45 share investment, 7% to Blue Chips shares mutual funds, and 0.5% to properties. (AM/ZH)