MEGA - PT. Bank Mega Tbk

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JAKARTA. PT Bank Mega Tbk (MEGA) sets the target of third-party collection growth to 7% this year, following the realisation in 2021 of 25%.

In the information disclosure in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) earlier this week, Bank Mega reported raising third-party funds of IDR 99 trillion in 2021. It then aims to score 7% higher in 2022, amounting to IDR 106 trillion. This bank, which is owned by Chairul Tanjung, also seeks credit distribution of IDR 68 trillion this year, higher than the number reported in 2021 of IDR 61 trillion.

In the bottom line, Bank Mega eyes a net profit of IDR 4.3 trillion, climbing from IDR 4 trillion scored in 2021. In terms of balance, Bank Mega wishes to increase its total assets by 6%, from IDR 133 trillion in 2021 to IDR 141 trillion by the end of 2022. (AM/ZH)