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JAKARTA - Indonesia and the Republic of Korea are further strengthening cooperation in the industrial sector, including investment in industrial estate development, development of electric vehicles, chemical industry, steel industry, technology transfer, and the shipping industry. These are the results of the 8th Meeting of the Working Group on Industry Cooperation (WGIC) reported at the 1st Ministerial Meeting of the Joint Committee on Economic Cooperation of the Republic of Indonesia- Korea (JCEC RI-ROK) in Jakarta, last Tuesday (22/2). 

"The two countries agreed to increase cooperation, including research in the development of the industrial sector," said Director General of Resilience, Territorial and International Industrial Access Eko S.A. Cahyanto, Friday (25/2).

The cooperation that will be encouraged includes the development of electric vehicles (EV). Furthermore, in the metal industry, continuous cooperation has been carried out since the Korean investment by POSCO with PT. Krakatau Steel in the joint venture of PT. Krakatau POSCO in 2013.

In the chemical industry sector, Lotte Chemical Indonesia has invested in the development of a new petrochemical complex. In addition, the two countries are also cooperating in terms of technology transfer through projects Agriculture Machinery Technical Center (AMTC).

While in the shipping industry, the two countries agreed to take advantage of the momentum of the Indonesia-Korea Offshore Congress as an effort to explore shipping cooperation by shipping industry players in both countries in the production and development of high-tech ship designs such as the LNG Carrier. (LM)