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JAKARTA. With the increased consumption of cement in the domestic market, the sales volume of PT Solusi Bangun Indonesia Tbk (SMCB) in 2021 reached 13.4 million tons, or 12.4% higher than the sales in 2020.

In the information disclosure in Indonesia Stock Exchange, the financial report of SMCB showed that the revenue increased to IDR 11.21 trillion, 11% higher than the revenue scored in 2020 of IDR 10.10 trillion. Furthermore, sales volume in 2021 also shifted to 652 million tons for the domestic market, 4.3% higher year-on-year (yoy). Meanwhile, the export market also demonstrated higher demands, boosting 23.2% to 11.4 million tons of sales.

The increased coal price was deemed as one of the obstacles faced by the cement industry, and SMCB was not excluded. This factor affected the energy cost, contributing approximately 30% to the production cost. Fortunately, SMCB still reported 10.74% net profit growth in the end, gaining IDR 720.93 billion in 2021. Thus, its net profit per share also grew from IDR 85 to IDR 88 each.

Lilik Unggul Raharjo, President Director of SMCB, claimed that his company is currently focusing on sustainable-development-oriented initiatives, which have given SMCB the competitive power. Therefore, SMCB has started to use a digitalised application to establish more efficient operations. It also began to utilise alternative raw materials and fuels to enhance coal utilisation efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, as he further explained last week in the official release. (AM/ZH)