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JAKARTA - PT Kedai Sayur Indonesia, a technology-based grocery company under Triputra Group, will optimize its role as digital supply chain management for agricultural products by becoming a guarantor for purchasing or offtaking agricultural products from local farmers, including bringing KedaiSayur partners farmers and breeders into the digital ecosystem and take advantage of the development of the latest technology. To achieve this role, KedaiSayur collaborates with Bank Central Asia (BCA) as a provider of credit facilities and assists MSME farmers who are members of this digital ecosystem.

Adrian Hernanto, CEO of PT Kedai Sayur Indonesia said, “We welcome the collaboration between KedaiSayur and BCA, where through this collaboration many farmers will be assisted in terms of funding and guarantees for the distribution of their products through us. Our position as an offtaker guarantee of agricultural products from local farmers will provide benefits for both parties, both farmers and BCA as a lender. In this case, BCA will be more confident with orders from KedaiSayur, while farmers will also feel safe because of the guaranteed purchase and selling price of their products."

The collaboration between KedaiSayur and BCA will be carried out with a scheme to absorb all the output of partner farmers and breeders to be directly distributed through all KedaiSayur omnichannels. In the first stage, as a pilot project, this collaboration will be carried out in the cities of Tulungagung, Kediri and Blitar. Hopefully in the future the project will be expanded to enter the East Java area, as well as to enter the national scale. In this collaboration, BCA will act as cash management and finance working capital ( KUR and SME Creditors) for farmers as well as provide convenience in onboarding.

Adrian further explained, one of KedaiSayur's commitments is to provide convenience and help more farmers throughout Indonesia. In line with this, through collaboration with BCA, KedaiSayur has the opportunity to realize this commitment while continuing to provide operational excellence for all parties involved in the KedaiSayur ecosystem. Currently, KedaiSayur has been trusted as a provider of basic and processed ingredients for various B2B customers such as hotels, restaurants, and Cafes. (LM)