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JAKARTA. PT Bukalapak.com Tbk (BUKA) has announced its latest collaboration with Trans Retail Indonesia and Growtheum Capital Indonesia in building an e-groceries platform called AlloFresh to extend its fresh products and grocery distribution network.

Teddy Oetomo, President of BUKA, mentioned that BUKA’s portion in AlloFresh reaches 35%, worth IDR 77.53 billion in total. Meanwhile, Trans Retail claims another 55% of shares, equivalent to IDR 121.83 billion, and Growtheum Capital Partners owns 10% of shares worth IDR 22.15 billion.

Although Trans Retail dominated AlloFresh’s capital, this collaboration is believed to trigger positive impacts on Bukalapak’s digital ecosystem. For example, the Mitra Bukalapak ecosystem only has hundreds to thousands of Stock Keeping Units (SKU), whereas the SKU offered by Trans Retail could reach hundreds of thousands.

“This could be an advantage for Mitra Bukalapak to continue pursuing the fulfilment of grocery and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) of Mitra’s stores. This could also be a breakthrough for Bukalapak to keep improving our service and efforts to promote Indonesia’s micro, small, and medium enterprises,” Oetomo further claimed in a press conference.

Oetomo acknowledged that currently, many e-groceries players established their businesses from the ground. However, he believed that the decision would only exhaust more funds and take longer to replicate the e-groceries infrastructure.

“Considering the rapid market dynamic, we feel the need to utilise strong points of each company to succeed in competing amidst this current situation,” Bouzeneth Benouda, President Director and CEO of Trans Retail.

For the early stage, AlloFresh plans to conduct market testing in Jakarta. Next, AlloFresh will be extended to cover all regions in Indonesia. For the record, Trans Retail now manages 138 outlets operating across Indonesia. (KR/ZH)