JAKARTA - PT Sariguna Primatirta Tbk (Tanobel Group), a producer of Bottled Drinking Water (AMDK) with the IDX ticker code:CLEO:IJ, continues to prioritize product quality and safety by using BPA (Bisphenol-A)-free packaging for all product packaging. For reference, water that packaged in polycarbonate plastic gallon may be harmful to health if consumed in large quantities over time*). CLEO packaging is made entirely of virgin grade plastic, making it BPA-free and features an eco-friendly eco-shape design. Maintaining drinking water quality while contributing to environmental preservation.

Melisa Patricia, CLEO's Deputy President and Director remarked, "We recognize that products that differentiate itself and provide value are products that the market requires. CLEO utilizes nano-filtration technology to produce drinking water that is 20x purer and has a TDS level of less than 10 ppm, which is ideal for daily consumption needs. CLEO pure water has a light taste, which is beneficial for maintaining the health of our kidneys and is safe for the varied needs of Indonesian families." 

The Company stated that the AMDK business will expand positively in 2022, resulting in further growth in demand for bottled drinking water. Observing the good trend, the Company is optimistic that by achieving double-digit sales growth or a roughly 30% rise over the Company's achievements in 2021, it will achieve its target. In this year, CLEO recently extended its business by constructing three new AMDK processing plants in Indonesia, located in Balikpapan, Palangkaraya, and Palembang, each with a capacity of up to 100 million liters. We have budgeted for the construction of this plant as part of the Company's capex plan, which is around IDR 220 billion. (LM)