JAKARTA - Modalku, as a digital funding platform in Indonesia, has officially collaborated with Lazada Indonesia (Lazada) to reach a total of tens of thousands of permanent employees and courier partners (frontliners) who are at the forefront of logistics at Lazada. This collaboration is expected to be able to increase business productivity through Employee Capital facilities for all permanent employees, as well as Lazada courier partners as the logistics vanguard to support daily operations.

Human Resources (HR) including the vanguard of logistics is an important component in ensuring the success of the company so that all customer needs can be met on time. Therefore, the quality of human resources needs to be maintained, one of which is by providing facilities that can support daily work. Answering these problems, Employee Capital is here to provide a safe and easy financial solution for employees as a financial facility to meet short-term needs as well as a special financial facility for purchasing smartphones for Lazada courier partners. These two facilities offer an easy process, affordable costs, and have been designed so as not to burden employees in the repayment process. The tenor given also varies according to the abilities and needs of the employees.

Modalku's Co-Founder & COO, Iwan Kurniawan, said, "The collaboration with Lazada as one of the e-Commerce platforms in Indonesia shows Modalku's commitment to continue to support business development from all sides, including the welfare of its human resources. The new initiative that we carried out through the facility for purchasing smartphones emerged because we realized that the need for compatible devices and financial facilities could help support their performance in logistics operations. Through Employee Capital, Modalku fully supports Lazada to provide the needs of its employees without burdening the company's performance."

Lazada permanent employees can get an easy and fast alternative financing through the Employee Capital facility with a loan of up to Rp 200 million with a loan duration (tenor) of up to 12 months. In addition, Lazada courier partners can take advantage of loan facilities to purchase smartphones without collateral with a loan duration (tenor) of up to 12 months with a variety of smartphone options. The funds provided can be used for the smartphone needs of courier partners and all loans provided can be repaid through automatic salary deductions. (LM)