APEX - PT. Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk

Rp 268

-12 (-4,48%)

JAKARTA – HSBC Bank PLC realises its commitment in PT Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk (APEX) of IDR 25.29 billion through the mandatory convertible bonds of 136,954,997 shares issued yesterday (31/3). Frieda Salvantina, Corporate Secretary of APEX, announced the said private placement result on Friday (1/4).

It was also mentioned that the company’s issued and paid-up capital after the said corporate action will rise to 2,796,804,997 shares from 2,659,850,000 units. “The price during the convertible bonds issuance was set to IDR 1,846.63 per share. The said corporate action was decided during the General Shareholders Meeting on August 19, 2021,” Salvantina explained.

As of February 2022, APEX’s shares reportedly amounted to 2,659,850,000 shares, 68.7% of which belonged to PT Assera Capital, followed by CDH Bowman Limited of 5%, CDH Archer Limited of 5%, Standard Chartered of 8.3%, the public (below 5%) of 11.9%, and Eka Dharmajanto of 1.1%. (LK/ZH)