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JAKARTA - PT Kioson Komersial Indonesia Tbk (KIOS), a technology company engaged in e-commerce, telecommunications, finance, and merchandising, is optimistic about 2022 with various strategies that will be implemented for continuous growth. Seeing the growing development of the e-commerce market and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), the Company continues to aggressively add up to 145 Warehouses which in the early stages are spread around Central Java, East Java, and Jabotabek as well as continuing to expand throughout Indonesia.

Andrew as the CEO of KIOS said, "We are committed to adding more warehouses in several parts of Indonesia, such as in Batu Retno Wonogiri. Juwiring Klaten, and Gemolong Seragen. As of March 2022, KIOS already has 145 warehouses with 92.789 SME (Micro-Middle Enterprise) stall partners and the Company will continue to expand. In addition, the Company has also collaborated with various FMCG brands through our Retail services, such as Indofood, Mayora, Sinarmas, Focus, Javaprima, Kapal Api Group, and Orang Tua Group. The intention for this expansion is for the Company to assist and facilitate businesses and MSMEs in meeting the needs of orders and information on stock availability at competitive prices.” 

Throughout 2021, KIOS is recorded as having added 100 Smart Warehouses, most of which are aimed at the MSME market in East Java, such as in Nganjuk, Mojokerto, Ngawi, and Malang Regencies as well as providing logistics solutions for retail partners quickly and efficiently to meet online-to-offline customer orders. 

Meanwhile, based on the Company's consolidated financial statements for 2021, KIOS managed to reverse its financial performance by posting a net profit of IDR2.5 billion after suffering a loss of IDR41.9 billion in 2020. In terms of sales, KIOS recorded IDR339 billion with The Company's largest revenue contribution coming from advertisements and groceries, which accelerated to grow throughout 2021. (LM)