ASLC - PT. Autopedia Sukses Lestari Tbk

Rp 110

+5 (+4,55%)

JAKARTA - PT Autopedia Sukses Lestari Tbk (ASLC) remains optimistic that it can record performance growth of up to doubling to 182% or IDR500 billion in 2022. In line with this, the Company continues to intensify its expansion by adding a network, especially for the Caroline O2O used car dealer. This year, Autopedia (ASLC) targets to be able to open up to 20 customer touch points for Caroline, as of the first quarter of 2022, 8 points have been successfully built in several parts of Indonesia. 

Jany Candra as President Director of ASLC said, "Considering the huge potential of the used car market and the better projection of national economic growth, we are optimistic that in 2022 Autopedia (ASLC) can record a better performance. To be able to achieve this target, we will add Caroline branches, increase sales through various digital channels, and increase auction participants, especially from used car dealers."

Jany continued, this year ASLC will focus on developing an expansion based on a light asset strategy. The company will focus on adding branches in several big cities in Indonesia, especially those that can synergize with the ASSA Group's location points. In addition, the Company will also improve the digital marketing experience through various channels, build a customer-centric call center, and explore partnerships with new and used car dealers, in order to provide the best and most trusted used vehicle buying and selling services in Indonesia. 

Meanwhile, apart from continuing to add to its network for Caroline, ASLC will also build a flagship store in Gading Serpong which is targeted to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022 or first quarter of 2023. In addition, Caroline also offers attractive promos ranging from discounts worth tens of millions of rupiah, to booking fee promos through the official store at Tokopedia. In line with the expansion plan, the Company estimates that it can absorb funds from the IPO for working capital ranging from IDR100 – IDR150 billion in 2022. (LM)