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JAKARTA - The pharmaceutical company PT Phapros Tbk, which is part of the pharmaceutical BUMN holding, has made the green energy program one of its policies and production standards. The use of technology is absolutely a major requirement in preserving the environment as an element of the green economy.

"In the pharmaceutical sector, we are trying to achieve this target through programs that have become the company's commitment in carrying out the green energy concept. One of them is converting diesel fuel energy to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) which is supported by the use of Green Chiller Hydrocarbons and solar panels. As a result, Phapros has succeeded in reducing carbon emissions by 790 tons per year,” said Hadi Kardoko, President Director of PT Phapros Tbk when contacted in Jakarta (14/7).

"In this case, we are also committed to reducing water consumption by utilizing washing steriline technology at the Phapros injection product production facility. We made modifications to these machines so that we succeeded in reducing water consumption by 50 percent or 225 thousand liters per year.”

Phapros, Hadi added, also utilizes N2 and O2 generators to reduce the use of gas cylinder waste.

In general, Phapros' commitment to green energy has increased the company's efficiency by 12.9 percent per year. As proof of Phapros' commitment to green business and sustainability, the company has also succeeded in obtaining Green PROPER from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry 8 times since 2012 – 2020. (LM)