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JAKARTA – PT Repower Asia Indonesia Tbk (REAL) partners with Indonesia Soken Co Ltd in order to secure funding from Japanese investors in the real estate sector in Indonesia.

Aulia Firdaus, President Director of REAL, claimed that the property industry in the Indonesia is still appealing for Japanese investors. “A partnership with Soken Indonesia is expected to drive more Japanese investors to place investments in the property sector,” he explained in the press release quoted today (8/8).

According to Firdaus, inviting Soken as its strategic partner will arouse the property industry scene in Indonesia, especially the real estate, digital property, and commercial property segments.

Firdaus further stated that his company is open to foreign investors’ money as it will generate high-quality residence and help to put REAL’s business expansion plan into motion in the future.

The collaboration agreement between REAL and Soken Indonesia was signed last week (5/8). Present during the signing were the Japanese Education Head of Soken Indonesia, Matsumoto Shiori; CEO of Soken Indonesia, Albertus Prasetyo Heru Nugroho; and Director of REAL, Sjafardamsah. (LK/ZH)