JAKARTA - Commemorating the 55th ASEAN Day which fell on 8 August, Investree Indonesia strengthens synergies with Investree Thailand and Investree Philippines (Investree Regional) in order to empower more Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and encourage economic independence in Southeast Asia. .

The synergy is based on Investree's business model that focuses on supply chain financing and implements the ideas contained in the establishment of the ASEAN Framework on Equal Economic Development. Where through the distribution of easy and fast access to financing for MSMEs, Investree Regional is committed to participating in reducing development gaps, strengthening human resources, improving social welfare, and wider participation in the ASEAN integration process.

Co-Founder & CEO of Investree Indonesia and CEO of Investree Regional, Adrian Gunadi said, "To grow MSME players, Investree Regional has the same strategy to be implemented in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. We consistently focus on key strategies to build a strategic closed-loop ecosystem by prioritizing a supply chain-based financing model. Where we increase partnerships with e-commerce companies, payment gateways, and so on so that they can enter their ecosystem and finance their respective merchants and utilize their data for a more secure credit assessment process. SMEs, right, are the backbone of the economy in every country in the world. So we have to support them as much as possible. That is why Investree Regional consistently applies a financing model that touches all stages from upstream to downstream. We believe it can make the MSME ecosystem in ASEAN grow simultaneously.”

For information, Investree Indonesia recorded significant business growth at the end of June 2022. To the 14 thousand MSME players who are members of Investree, this fintech lending pioneer managed to record a total loan facility of IDR 17.6 trillion and the value of the loan disbursed was IDR 11.3 trillion. For the disbursed loan figure of IDR 11.3 trillion, Investree contributed 4% to the total national disbursement with an outstanding loan of IDR 1.4 trillion, 3% of the total national outstanding. (LM)