MTDL - PT. Metrodata Electronics Tbk

Rp 580

+20 (+3,45%)

JAKARTA. PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (MTDL), a information and communication technology solution provider, prepares several strategies in order to attain revenue growth target of 15% in 2022. MTDL aims high with this target, which is higher than the conventional revenue increase of 10% per annum.

Susanto Djaja, President Director of MTDL, claimed that the first strategy is to seek clients or customers from bank and non-bank financial industry. This sector is self-regulated and has a wide scope of public users, thus introducing the needs for digital services.

MTDL’s second strategy is to accelerate cloud system adoption. Djaja believes that most companies will turn into cloud system for its swift deployment.

The third stategy is to increase its recurring revenue. As of present, 30% to 40% of Metrodata’s income from the digital consultation business is recurring. “This business has customers with mid-to-long term contracts and generate recurring income,” Djaja confirmed during the press conference earlier this week (AM/ZH)