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JAKARTA – PT Telesys Indonesia (TI), a company engaged in the maintenance service provider, will receive a capital investment worth IDR 224 billion to support its plan to branch out to the renewable energy sector.

Chandra Devikemalawaty, Director of PT Maharaksa Biru Energy Tbk (OASA), the parent company of TI, confirmed that the company will focus on sustainable, green energy providing service as its new business strategy. “In accordance with this, TI is expected to develop a bio-based renewable chemical ingredient, such as bio-propylene glycol (PG),” she explained in the information disclosure quoted Monday (3/10).

According to Devikemalawaty, the demand for bio-propylene glycol seem to rise in developed countries as most of their businesses move towards sustainable energy.

The company will import technical-grade bio-propylene glycol from Orlen Poludnie SA Poland at the end of this year. Its target is the unsaturated polyester resin (PUR) market, with a potential market of 1,250 tons per month.

OASA has reportedly scheduled a rights issue of 4.30 billion shares worth IDR 100 each, totalling to IDR 430 billion, on November 14-21, 2022. (LK/ZH)