JAKARTA - Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi supports efforts to accelerate the transition from fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles starting with motorcycles. Where the government targets as many as 2 (two) million electric motorcycles in Indonesia by 2025.

"The number of motorcycle users in Indonesia is around 133 million more. There are now 5 million requests a year, even before the pandemic there were 10 million. So the market is huge and this can be a game changer that can accelerate this transition," said the Minister of Transportation when attending a focus group discussion or FGD entitled "B20 Side-Event Ready to e-Move: Towards Achieving the President's Target of 2 Million Electric Motorcycles in Indonesia”, organized by the Presidential Special Staff (SKP) Diaz Hendropriyono in Jakarta, Tuesday (4/10).

According to the Minister of Transportation, three main things that must be considered and continue to be improved are the first, namely the quality of the battery, increasing the number of charging stations or places to replace batteries that can be obtained easily, and the quality of the engine from electric vehicles.

More and more users of electric motorcycles, apart from nourishing the earth from air pollution, are also expected to help reduce fuel energy subsidies which reach Rp. 502 Trillion. "We hope that this subsidy will decrease along with the increasing number of electric vehicle users. We can use the money that was for fuel subsidies to build this nation," said the Minister of Transportation.

On the same occasion, SKP Diaz Hendropriyono said the discussion this time focused on electric motorcycles, because in Indonesia there are more motorcycles than cars. In addition, the price of electric motorcycles can also be more competitive because there are more manufacturers of these vehicles.

“There are already 35 electric motorcycle companies compared to only 3 car companies and the last one is also more competitive in price for motorcycles. This means, to meet the President's target of 2 million motorcycles, 2 million electric energy vehicles in 2025, we can encourage the adoption of electric motorcycles," he said. (LM)