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JAKARTA - PT Dharma Samudra Fishing Industries Tbk (DSFI) is optimistic that it can achieve its revenue target growth of 22% and profit growth of 98% by relying on export sales.

President Director of Dharma Samudera Fishung Industries Ewijayta explained that his party will focus and pursue this target. This optimism is based on the majority of sales of these fishery sector companies coming from the export market, export contribution reached 94.94% of total sales as of June 2022, which was IDR 295.85 billion of the total sales amounting to IDR 313.34 billion.

According to Ewijayta, in the second half of 2022, expoer market conditions began to decline in line with the ongoing economic recession, especially in the United States and Europe. However, DFSi continues to try to boost sales through a number of strategies, including developing products that are in demand by the market, expanding sales networks, adding new customers, and implementing an aggresive marketing approach, said Ewijayta as quoted by Kontan this week. 

DFSI also continues to carry out development strategies from the domestic market, such as providing products that are in accordance with the needs and purchasing power of the Indonesian people. The company is also cooperating with seafood product distributors who already have a distribution network in Indonesia. (LK/LM)