JAKARTA. A suicide bomb attack in the front lawn of Astana Anyar Police Station, Bandung, today (7/12), takes a life of one police officer and injures seven people.

Police Brigadier-General Ahmad Ramadhan, Head of Public Information Bureau of the Public Relation Division of Indonesian National Police, has confirmed said incident. “One is killed, three are heavily injured, and other four are slightly injured,” he specified further this afternoon.

Meanwhile, according to Police Grand Commissioner Aswin Sipayung, Head of Bandung Police Station, mentioned that the suspect of the suicide blast was killed on site right after the explosion occurred. He further mentioned that the suicide blast attack took place at 8.20 AM WIB, during the morning ceremony. The suspect, who was a male, had forced his way through the line.

“The man forced his way through the line of the police during the morning ceremony while pointing a weapon. All at once, the officers spread out. Not long after, the explosion occurred,” Sipayung further revealed.

Until now, the police are still barricading the access to Astana Anyar street to stand guard at the location of the incident. The Mobile Brigade Corps has also been dispatched to process the crime scene. (KR/ZH)