BULL - PT. Buana Lintas Lautan Tbk

Rp 133

-5 (-3,62%)

JAKARTA - The first exchange day in 2023, which is Monday (January 2), does not appear to be swamped. Foreign investors purchased 486 million shares and sold 528 million shares, for a total transaction volume of around 1 billion shares. January's net volume was also minus 42.17 million shares.

Foreign investors were seen purchasing 201.21 million shares of PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia (GOTO), which also had the highest net volume of 28.87 million shares this time. Foreigners also bought 19.25 million shares of PT Wir Asia Tbk (WIRG) and 18.14 million shares of PT Buana Lintas Lautan Tbk (BULL). Because foreign shareholders did not sell many of these two issuers' shares, both WIRG and BULL recorded a net volume of 17 million shares. Foreign investors purchased 7.9 million shares of PT Pelayaran Nasional Ekalya Purnamasari Tbk (ELPI) and 7.8 million shares of PT Habco Trans Maritima Tbk (HATM) on a smaller scale. Due to the two issuers' small foreign sales volume, the net volume was nearly the same as the volume purchased by foreigners, which was more than 7.5 million shares.

PT Bank KB Bukopin Tbk (BBKP) and PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI), on the other hand, were the most heavily sold by foreign investors this time. They sold 54.18 million BBKP shares and 44.08 million BBRI shares, resulting in both companies having the lowest net volume: 43.92 million and 35.44 million shares, respectively. Then, with a net volume of -30.14 million shares, foreign financiers sold 34.82 million shares of PT Berkah Beton Sadaya Tbk (BEBS). Finally, 20.68 million shares of PT Adaro Energy Indonesia Tbk (ADRO) and 20.15 million shares of PT Wulandari Bangun Laksana Tbk (BSBK) were divested from foreign ownership. (KD)

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