TOBA - PT. TBS Energi Utama Tbk

Rp 238

-6 (-2,00%)

JAKARTA. Bintang Baru BV has sold 43,715,000 units of shares of PT TBS Energi Utama Tbk (TOBA), or approximately 0.543% of its portion.

TOBA's shares were sold for IDR 667.21 per share, meaning that Bintang Baru BV managed to collect IDR 29.16 billion from this divestiture.

Gerard Jan van Spall, Director of Bintang Baru BV, confirmed that TOBA's shares were sold for the purpose of divestment. After this action, Bintang Baru BV's portion decreased from 8.5166% to 7.9736%.

According to IDNFinancials record, TOBA recently conducted the first phase of its management and employee stock option programme (MESOP) from December 14 to 22, 2022.

The exercised options clocked up to 18.31 million shares, leaving the unclaimed and available options of 62.19 million shares in total. (KR/ZH)