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JAKARTA. PT Puradelta Lestari Tbk (DMAS), the developer of Kota Deltamas integrated city, recorded marketing sales of IDR 1.86 trillion throughout 2022.

The marketing sales of DMAS in 2022 was 3.6% higher than the initial target, which was set to IDR 1.8 trillion.

The industrial area sales became the most extensive contributor to the total marketing sales of DMAS in 2022, according to Tondy Suwanto, Director and Corporate Secretary of DMAS. “The company managed to sell 60 hectares of industrial areas in 2022,” he stated.

Suwanto further mentioned that most of those areas will be utilised as data centres. However, the demand for industrial areas also came from other sectors, such as household tools manufacturing, automotive, and its byproducts.

For the record, DMAS has also continued the development of the Greenland International Industrial Center in Deltamas, focusing on special zone for data centres. “Our initiative that aims to develop a specialised area for data centres has brought some results,” Suwanto claimed.

In the future, DMAS will continue to invest in industrial zones for data centres. “Even more so amidst the current digitalisation era,” Suwanto further said.

For other business lines, DMAS is said to have launched the Almandine house-shop complex and have offered a new residential house cluster, De Silva, back in 2022. This housing cluster is designed for workers and business players around Deltamas. (KR/ZH)