INDS - PT. Indospring Tbk

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JAKARTA. One of production facilities of PT Indospring Tbk (INDS) located in Gresik, East Java, were reportedly on fire last week. The fire was allegedly caused by machine damage.

Bob Budiono, Directo of INDS, confirmed that said fire started in the after-market products factory. The fire was first seen at 8 AM WIB and was only able to be put out at 8.20 AM WIB. “There is no significant damage,” he added.

In the official statement, Budiono affirms that this fire incident will not cause any disruption to production process and target of INDS. Other than that, the product supply to INDS’s users has been guaranteed, and there were no victims reported.

“The loss due to the fire is covered by insurance,” Budiono said.

Budiono did not reveal the detail regarding the cause of the fire in INDS’s production plant. However, according to several sources compiled by IDNFinancials, the fire was ignited when the operator started off the heater in the production line.

The local police also conducted investigations regarding this incident. According to their examination, the temporary suspicion lies in overheated machine in said production facility. (KR/ZH)