AMAN - PT. Makmur Berkah Amanda Tbk

Rp 127

-1 (-1,00%)

JAKARTA - PT Sumber Energi Global Tbk (SGER) maintained its top position on Top Gainers on the second day of closing bell on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), yesterday (4/5).

Based on IDX data compiled by on Friday (5/5), the price of SGER rose by IDR 125 to IDR 635 per share from the previous closing price of IDR 510 per share. However, yesterday's gain was lower (24.51%) than the closing price on Wednesday (3/4) which was recorded at 25%.

The issuer's share volume traded 45.38 million in 10,380 times worth IDR 27.40 billion. This increase in issuer prices was taken advantage of by investors selling SGER shares, as seen from foreign buys of 2.40 million and foreign sells of 1.98 million.

In second place, the share price of PT Makmur Berkah Amanda Tbk (AMAN) strengthened 24.44% with an increase in share price of IDR 66. This issuer's shares became IDR 336 per share, up from IDR 270 per share at the closing price of the previous transaction.

The number of shares of this issuer was transacted as many as 58.97 million shares in 9,833 times worth IDR 17.29 billion. Foreign buy and foreign sell respectively 3.39 million and 2.93 million. (LK/LM)