AMIN - PT. Ateliers Mecaniques D'Indonesie Tbk

Rp 125

-2 (-1,58%)

JAKARTA - PT Pollux Properties Indonesia Tbk (POLL) was the Top Gainer at the closing bell yesterday (30/5). Since the beginning of the week, the issuer's share price has continued to strengthen in transactions on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Based on IDX data compiled by on Wednesday (31/5), the issuer's share price rose 33.33% or IDR 58 per share until the closing of the transaction. POLL's share price rose to IDR 232 per share from the previous IDR 174 per share. The issuer's share price had touched the lowest level of IDR 166 before closing at the highest price.

The number of shares traded was 11.38 million in 3,007 times worth IDR 2.84 billion. Unlike the previous day, where foreign buys were recorded at nil, this time foreign sells and foreign buys were recorded at 735,100 and 580,000 respectively.

In the runner-up position, AMIN's shares rose 33.33% or IDR 36 per share. Until the closing of the transaction, the issuer's shares touched IDR 144, up from the previous IDR 108 per share.

Despite the increase in shares in percentage terms between POLL and AMIN shares, foreign buys and foreign sells were recorded to be nil. Thus, POLL shares are still superior to transaction activities carried out by foreign investors. (LK/LM)