INDX - PT. Tanah Laut Tbk

Rp 133

+4 (+3,10%)

JAKARTA - The stock of PT Tanah Laut Tbk (INDX) soared 34.81% until the closing bell on yesterday's (7/6) transaction. This growth allows the company to finally secure the top position of the gainers list, especially following its increasing trend seen from earlier this week on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

The IDX data compiled by IDNFinancials today (8/6) shows that INDX's price casually hung out at IDR 244 per share, IDR 63 higher than the closing price seen last Tuesday of IDR 181 per share. The price once hit the lowest at IDR 175 before regaining strength and closing at its peak.

The traded shares of INDX clocked up to 80.06 million, recorded within 22,124 transactions worth IDR 17.02 billion. This positive sentiment inspires investors to collect the shares and capital gain, indicated through the foreign buy and sell of 279,700 and 266,400 shares, respectively.

At the runner-up position, stood PT Ulima Nitra Tbk (UNIQ) after 26.58% increase in its price. It was closed at IDR 100 per share, increasing IDR 21 higher from its previous closing price of IDR 79 per share.

Throughout yesterday's (7/6) session, UNIQ's price peaked at 102 and hit the floor at IDR 76 per share. Approximately 46.19 million shares were being traded within 4,854 transactions worth IDR 4.09 billion. The foreign buy and sell clocked up to 2.20 million and 1.46 million units. (LK/ZH)