BYAN - PT. Bayan Resources Tbk

Rp 17.875

-50 (-0,28%)

JAKARTA – Low Tuck Kwong continues to raise his portion in PT Bayan Resources Tbk (BYAN) as the company’s stock price continues to decline since May 2023. Yesterday (8/6), the stock price peaked at IDR 13,700 per share and closed at IDR 13,325 per share.

The data by IDNFinancials quoted today (9/6) mentioned that this major shareholder of BYAN acquires 496,600 shares of BYAN for IDR 14,727.85 each. The transaction is totalled to IDR 7.30 billion. Post-acquisition, Low Tuck Kwong’s portion rises 0.01% from 60.98% to 60.99% of all BYAN’s listed shares.

On May 9 and 23, Low Tuck Kwong purchased 229,200 shares for IDR 21,337.83 per share and 138,700 units for IDR 18,938.07 each. For these rounds of transaction, the total value clocked up to IDR 4.89 billion and IDR 2.62 billion. (LK/ZH)