RCCC - PT. Utama Radar Cahaya Tbk

Rp 224

+4 (+2,00%)

JAKARTA. PT Utama Radar Cahaya Tbk (RCCC), a logistics and shipping company debuted on Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) circa 2022, will distribute cash dividend worth IDR 5.43 billion.

Alvin Tjokrohadi, President Director of RCCC, mentioned that said plan had been approved during General Meeting of Shareholders earlier this week. “It follows the result of GMS on June 10, 2024,” he said in the official statement.

The stock price that will be shared as bonus stocks is set accordingly to the capitalisation value of IDR 145 per share. The number of shares to be distributed reaches 37.5 million.

“The ratio of stock dividend (old shares : dividend shares) is 20:1,” added Tjokrohadi.

The stock dividend will be given to shareholders whose names have been listed by the recording date on June 24, 2024. Then, the distribution of stock dividend is due July 10, 2024.

According to IDNFinancials data, RCCC’s stock price as of today (12/6) was closed 155 points or 9.62% higher to IDR 171 per share. Within the past 5 days, its price has soared 28 points or 19.58%. (KR/ZH)